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About us
Experiantur S. L.

Spairience!, the tourism brand of Experiantur S.L. Unipersonal, is a company specialising in experiential travel. Both in the case of our own products and those of our partner providers, your service providers have been linked to tourism since 2008.

At Spairience! we offer life experiences, experiences that will help you grow. We believe that although it is true that sometimes want just to chill out on the beach doing nothing, at other times we thrive on opportunities to do things that are out of the ordinary, that attract us to them and that imply important changes to our lives.

At Spairience! you can choose an experience and get there under your own steam, knowing that on arrival we will be there for you for as long as it takes. Or you might prefer us to collect you at the airport, or even to organise your entire trip from your point of origin, with transport and accomodation included.

Spairience! will sort out all visas, legal, health and travel insurances etc, and will be available at all times during your trip as your point of reference and contact. We have agreements in place with our specialised partners to make it all run smoothly.

If you find our trips appealing, but would prefer trying something different that does not appear on our webpage - be it more traditional or more adventurous - or even if you would like us to just take care of specific details of whatever journey, please let us know and we will do what we can to assist you.


Sustainable Tourism

At Spairience! Specialised Tourism we advocate Sustainable Tourism.

Thus, as Specialised Tourism Agency we are committed to doing the following:

  • Promote the training, dissemination and practice of harmonious and sustainable relationships between humans, the evironment and natural resources.
  • Inform our travellers of the practices that will help to make their journeys as sustainable as possible.
  • Ensure that our work processes are in accordance with environmental aspects and significant impact evaluation.
  • Work with organisations and companies that respect and care for the environment.

As a responsible and reasonable traveller, you should be mindful at all times to:

  • Use natural resources like water and energy in moderation
  • Minimise the generation of waste. When needing to dispose of waste, do so in the most sustainable way possible.
  • Be well informed (via your guide or group leader) about how to conduct yourself in your interactions with wildlife, in order to avoid either causing injury or other damage to the animals, or endangering yourself.
  • Respect the dignity of the people you meet on your journey. Be sensitive about when and how you take photos and videos.
  • Repect local customs. Be sensitive to and understanding of situations that may well be outside your cultural norms.
  • Learn a few words in the local language and understand their usage. Read up about local customs and dress appropriately.

We hope you like our suggestions!