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Frequent Questions

To provide you with a better service, we've listed the most frequently asked questions from users of our website. Please take a look through them. If your specific question is not answered here, feel free to ask us via the contact form.

1.- If I give you my email address to receive your newsletter, how often will I get mails from you?

You will only receive an email when we introduce a new product, especially if it is only available for a limited time (eg, an opera nearing the end of its run ...). If we introduce several products that do not have  time limits we will group them in one mail near the end of the month in order to not fill up your mailbox.

2.- How do I make a booking?

Click on "Make Booking" on the General Information page of each experience. By default you'll be asking for information about what is included in the base package you want to experience. Alternatively, click on the individual elements.

3.- Is it possible to comment on an experience?

In order to be able to comment on an experience you need to have been on it. Tell us what you thought!

4.- Which payment methods can I use?

It's very easy. You can use Paypal even without holding a Paypal account, paying either with your credit card or your normal bank account. You can also to make a banktransfer to Experiantur SLU (Acc. nr. 1465  0100  96  1900027494). Please send proof of payment by email to clientes@spairience.com.

Soon you will also be able to make payments directly with your bank card.