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Coastal Fishing Day From 85€ Code: SP001

Learn all about Coastal Fishing

Marine Tourism

We describe as "marine tourism" the set of activities carried out by groups of maritime professionals aiming to disseminate knowledge of their work in the marine environment. This includes fishing and shellfishing, but also typical customs, traditions, heritage and seafaring culture.

In this activity you will accompany shellfish professionals in their daily work, learning about and participating in their activities. You will grow to appreciate the world of the sea, and while learning about it spend a wonderful day that will no doubt leave you with lasting memories.


Spairience will find and book accommodation for you. However, if you prefer taking care of this yourself you have the option of doing so directly from here, and simply booking the activities and other services with us.  

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  • Type of activity: Profession Spairience!
  • Destination: Portosin (España)
  • Duration: 1 día
  • Period/date: From April to October - 2014
  • Deposit: 30%
  • Accomodation: incluido
  • Lunch: no incluido
  • Age: From 12 years
  • Location: Portosín, La Coruña, Galicia, Spain
  • Transfers
  • Learning
  • Work
  • Under 16s
  • Over 16s
  • Families
  • Natural Environment
  • Urban Area

Learn all about Coastal Fishing

This is your opportunity to spend a day as crew member on a traditional fishing boat, just like any normal sailor, sharing a normal day’s work with the crew and experiencing for yourself how the nets are set and hauled.

The captain himself will teach you how things work at sea, including the different nets on the boat, how to set course and navigate, fishing tackle, sea legends, etc. In the course of the day you will do a cultural and nature tour of the estuary.

At some times of the year there are in fact several boats practicing different types of fishing, from which the participant can choose.

Coastal Fishing Day

Port of Departure: Portosín

Days and Times of Departure: Workdays at about 6pm in summer and 4pm in winter.

Duration: About 7 hours. It is a full shift, however the return time is not fixed, as it depends on when the catch of the day is achieved.

Participants: Age 17 and up (children between 12 and 16 only if supervised by an adult). Maximum of 6 people.

Before casting off:
Presentation and brief explanation of safety measures.

Sea state and expected weather.
Fishing area to which the boat is headed.

While heading out:

Brief notes about steering and navigation.
The basic parts of the boat: Helm, bridge, engine, etc.

While fishing:
Characteristics of the fishing zone: depth, type of bottom, species that are fished there, the best time of the day to fish ...
Preparation of the nets and fishing tackle.

Manoeuvres and actions you will see: setting and hauling of nets and tackle.

Display and explanation of the different species caught, both in terms of culinary value and market price.




Accommodation in a 3-Star Hotel in Noia, Pobra do Caraminal, or another location no further than 15 km from Portosín. The accomodations chosen are consistently ranked 8 out of 10 or higher by guests


Concept Type Cost
2 Nights Accommodation in double room near Portosin or Noia + Fishing Day Included 125€
Fishing day for one person Optional 40€
Airplane / Train from Origin Optional Consult
Transfers Airport / Hotel / Airport Optional Consult

No prerequisites except for basic physical fitness in order to be able to participate in the tasks of the day.

We recommend comfortable footwear and clothing suitable for spending a day working on a fishing boat. We also advise you to contact us a couple of days beforehand, so that we can inform you in case it is necessary to bring along additional items of clothing in keeping with the expected weather conditions.



Sin dudarlo recomendaría esta actividad, fue maravillosa. La atención de todo el equipo fue inolvidable. Gracias por todo vuestro trabajo, repetiremos sin dudar vuestras otras actividades.

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