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Day with Shellfishermen From 120€ Code: SP002

Marine Tourism

We describe as "marine tourism" the set of activities carried out by groups of maritime professionals aiming to disseminate knowledge of their work in the marine environment. This includes fishing and shellfishing, but also typical customs, traditions, heritage and seafaring culture.

In this activity you will accompany shellfish professionals in their daily work, learning about and participating in their activities. You will grow to appreciate the world of the sea, and while learning about it spend a wonderful day that will no doubt leave you with lasting memories.


Spairience will find and book accommodation for you. However, if you prefer taking care of this yourself you have the option of doing so directly from here, and simply booking the activities and other services with us.  

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  • Type of activity: Profession Spairience!
  • Destination: Cambados (España)
  • Duration: 1 día
  • Period/date: All year
  • Deposit: 30%
  • Accomodation: incluido
  • Lunch: no incluido
  • Age: From 6 years
  • Location: O'Grove or Cambados - Galicia - Spain
  • Transfers
  • Learning
  • Accomodation Included
  • Under 16s
  • Over 16s
  • Children
  • Groups
  • Families
  • Natural Environment
  • Urban Area

Learn to catch shellfish

You will take a walking tour along the magnificent beaches of the Rias Bajas, where the shellfisherwomen of the Galician coast work every day. They themselves will be your guides, conveying to you what their workday is all about. They will also present a small workshop about shellfishing, allowing you to learn how to pick clams and cockles off the rocks, what techniques are used to determine the types of bivalvia molluscs found under the sand, and how the various species differ.

The same shellfishermen will later go with you to the fish wholesale auction house and explain how the different catches throughout the day are weighed, labelled and later auctioned. You will also have the opportunity to experience a shellfish auction. 

About O Grove

O Grove is a peninsula at the entrance to the Arosa estuary, in the province of Pontevedra in Galicia (northwestern Spain).

To the southeast lies the summer resort of Sanxenxo. It occupies 21 square kilometers and consists of two parishes (San Martiño and San Vincente) and the populated island La Toja, a favoured destination for thousands of tourists because of its famous resort and spa.

The rich history of O Grove has left us with an important cultural heritage, including the 3,500 square metre Adro Vello Archaeological Site, the Castro of Carreiro, the Necropolis of A Lanzada discovered among Paleolithic remains, and the existence of still unexcavated Roman archeological sites at various locations of the municipality.

O'Grove Shellfishing Route

Starting point: La Toja Island 

Endpoint: Fish market  "San Martino" in O Grove.

Time: About 3 hours.

Reception, introductions and issuing of material on La Toja Island: waterproof boots, clothing, route guide.

Start of Route at the shellfish bed of La Toja and descent to the beach.

Meeting the shellfisherwomen: Presentation and brief explanation of the work of the shellfisherwomen. Demonstration of the implements and tools used for shellfishing on foot. Demonstration and explanation of the different bivalve molluscs that are collected. Demonstration of other species found on the beach: algae, worms , snails ... Understanding environmental factors affecting their work: tides, pollution ...

Return to the Fish Auction of O Grove.

At the auction:

Explanation of the receiving processes, screening, weighing, labelling and selection of the seafood. Differentiating between the different types of shellfish. Auction.

Visit to the O Grove Fisherman's Guild "San Martiño" Fish Market

Presentation of certificates and survey.

To accompany the O'Grove shellfisherwomen we need a minimum of 8 persons. A person will be designated to exclusively attend to your group for the duration of your visit. In summer it is normally easy to fill that quota, as there is a lot of tourism in Galicia at that time of the year. Children under five go for free and are not counted towards the quota. If this is an activity that you like to embark on during your stay in O Grove, please sign up and we will notify you whether or not the group has been filled so that you don't get up at first light in vain. In the event of a cancellation we will indicate to you what other day would be feasible.

Cambados Shellfishing Route

Starting point: Cambados

Time: The excursion takes about 90 minutes 

Reception, visit to the seaside neighborhood of San Tomé with demonstration of the fishermen's houses, food storage barns, …

Shellfishing with descent down to the beach (the shellfisherwomen will provide you with boots, although when it is hot we advise you to wear beach shoes). They will explain the whole process of shellfishing from extraction to marketing.

Visit to the control point to learn how shellfish is classified for sale on auction.



For this activity all participants are covered by an insurance against any kind of accident in the course of the day. Although this would be highly unusual, it is always better to be covered.

Concept Type Cost
Accommodation near to O Grove or Cambados and Shellfishing Day for 2 people Included 120€
Transfers Airport / Hotel / Airport Optional Consult
Airplane / Train from Origin Optional Consult

For this activity it is necessary to take the tides into account, as they need to be low enough for the shellfisherwomen to carry out their work in optimal conditions, and for you to get properly "soaked" with their skill and knowledge :-)  These conditions occur at different times each day, so depending on the date of your stay, we will inform you of the best time for the activity and what weather to expect, thereby making the best possible use of the day.

There are no prerequisites for participants - only the desire to learn from the experts and to have fun.

We hope you enjoy it!



Fuimos este mes de agosto dos familias con 6 niños de entre 3 y 13 años, y la "experiencia" fue estupenda para todos, disfrutamos niños y mayores muchísimo. Fue una mañana espléndida en cuanto al tiempo, la compañía y la actividad: poder formar parte de manera tan participativa y escuchar la experiencia de la mariscadora fue muy enriquecedor. El paseo por el barrio, las explicaciones, la charla sentados en la playa, el ratos mariscando todos y degustando algún berberecho directo del mar, ver a las mariscadoras en el centro de control trabajando... Una experiencia muy recomendable para todo el que viaje a Galicia y quiera sumergirse en algo más que el paisaje y la gastronomía.


Estuvimos en el mes de agosto en Cambados con tres niñas de 9, 8 y 4 años. Nos atendió una mariscadora con toda una vida de experiencia. Primero nos enseñó el barrio de pescadores y nos contó muchas cosas sobre las barcas, las casas, y la vida en la aldea pesquera desde los duros años de su infancia. Ya marisqueando, aprendimos sobre sus problemas reglas y sobre su relación con los pescadores hombres, la clasificación, vigilancia, la siembra y resiembra... En fin: TODO.
Luego fuimos al centro de control para ver como las clasificaban y a la vuelta siguió contándonos anécdotas del barrio. La bombardeamos a preguntas que muy gustosamente ella contestó. La verdad, nos transmitió su amor por su trabajo, la necesidad de cuidar la playa y verla como su fuente de vida y un montón de historias de una forma de vida de la que no conocí­amos nada. La visita duró alrededor de 2 horas y media.
Las niñas lo pasaron pipa y nosotros acabamos encantados.
¡Gracias por descubrirnos esta experiencia!


Somos una familia con dos niños pequeños, de 6 y 8 años. Fuimos en Agosto a esta actividad. Nos encantó, Los niños disfrutaron muchísimo y la mariscadora que nos acompañó fué encantadora. ¡Lo recomendamos!

If you have been on this experience, tell us about it!