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Zarzuela - Coaching Session and Spectacle From 100€ Code: SC005

"It's not comedy, it is more like a little fable in which, imitating Italy, there is singing and acting." - Calderon de la Barca.

Why the zarzuela?
- The zarzuela is deeply Spanish and connects universally with all kinds of audiences.
- The quality of Spanish music is recognized worldwide.
- Attending a live zarzuela is an experience you will never forget.


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  • Type of activity: Culture Spairience!
  • Destination: Madrid (España)
  • Duration: 1 día
  • Period/date: January - April 2014
  • Deposit: 45€
  • Accomodation: opcional
  • Lunch: opcional
  • Location: Calle de Jovellanos 4 Madrid Spain
  • Learning
  • Under 16s
  • Over 16s
  • Children
  • Groups
  • Families
  • Urban Area

Why do a coaching session in zarzuela?

- A coach can help you understand how the genre came into being, as well as explain the differences between the various types of zarzuela.
- What is the difference between zarzuela and opera? Are there Spanish operas? Is the zarzuela is the equivalent of the operetta? Why is it called “zarzuela”?
- What is the lyric voice and how is it classified? How do we distinguish a baritone from a tenor or a mezzo from a soprano? Why can’t I understand what they are saying when they sing a zarzuela?
- Who is responsible for the artistic aspects of a show – the musical director, the stage director, the choir director? What do they do with the sets, the costumes, and the wigs after the show is over?
- Is it possible to meet the artists? How can this be organised?
- How is the zarzuela viewed in Spain and abroad? Is it an outdated genre? Can one still relate to it? Are the plots still relevant to us today?


- What should we look for when going to a show if we are “zarzuela rookies”?
- Where should we go – to which theatre or theatres? Which company or companies are the best?


We're going to see a zarzuela at the venue which is the national and international point of reference: the Teatro de la Zarzuela.
The Teatro de la Zarzuela was built in 1856. A number of composers of the genre decided to offer the public a modern and comfortable space to lay on performances. The entire theatre was destroyed by fire in 1909, only to be rebuilt - with the curtains raised again in 1913. In 1956 it was acquired by the SGAE and soon afterwards became publicly owned. It now pertains to the Ministry of Culture.
The theatre is quite small by today’s standards, but at the time it opened, Madrid had a much smaller population. The theatre covers three floors, the stalls and the boxes, with total seating for 1200 people. It has been considered a “place of cultural interest” since 1994.
The Teatro de la Zarzuela is the only one nationwide that is dedicated to this genre of Spanish works. That does not mean that only zarzuelas are shown here, but it is the only venue that specialises in them.

The Coaching Session

The premise is to attend a zarzuela and experience a quality work performed and directed by the best talents the country has on offer. Beforehand, an expert from HispaSong will present a coaching session at some venue near the theatre. The theatre is located in central Madrid, close to any number of iconic cafes perfectly suited to meeting with the coach. In addition, the theatre itself has a small bar on the second floor that serves refreshments during interval.
The coaching session consists of explaining the work about to be shown, as well as imparting information about the history of the zarzuela, the singers, the composer, the piece itself, the setting of the action and the historical context. There will also be time to deal with any questions that the participants might have.
The schedule will be adapted as far as possible to your preferences. If you choose this activity, let us know your schedule and we will attempt to adapt ours to you in as much as we are able


a) Gain the keys to understanding and appreciating the world of the zarzuela and the Spanish lyrical repertoire.
b) Get an overview of the history of the zarzuela, and get to know the main styles.
c) Understanding the interplay between the libretto, music, singers, director and staging.
d) Know something about the major works and composers.
e) Achieve a learning methodology that will allow you to continue with your personal discovery of the zarzuela.

Next Dates

January 10th, 2014 - 20:00  La del manojo de Rosas
February 14th, 2014 - 20:00 Curro Vargas
February 21st, 2014 - 20:00 Curro Vargas
February 28th, 2014 - 20:00 Curro Vargas

Not included (Optional)

Transports from/to origin

Transfers from/to airport


Concept Type Cost
Coaching Session Included 100€
Wine and tapas at an iconic cafe nearby the theatre Included
Best placed ticket to the spectacle Included

Target Audience

Anyone who wishes to get to know Spanish lyric repertoire, learn to appreciate zarzuela and expand their general knowledge.


These brief coaching sessions of the zarzuela in Madrid are designed to be a real immersion into the world of the zarzuela and Spanish culture, so it is advisable to have a passable understanding of Spanish or English.



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