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Gliding From 120€ Code: SCR02

Initiation or Introductory Flight

Flying and gliding

Humans dreamt of flying long before the modern study of aeronautics. In Greek legend, Icarus and his father Daedalus constructed wings from feathers and wax to escape from prison. Icarus flew too close to the sun, causing the wax to melt, and plummeted into the sea where he drowned. When flight began to be studied more scientifically, we began to better understand the basics of air and aerodynamics.
A glider or sailplane is an aircraft that has no motor, so that once it is released, it is always descending through the air in which it is flying.  

Does the world of gliders sound tempting? 

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  • Type of activity: Creative Spairience!
  • Destination: Segovia (España)
  • Duration: 1 día
  • Period/date: From January to December
  • Deposit: 50%
  • Accomodation: opcional
  • Lunch: no incluido
  • Age: From 14 years
  • Learning
  • Under 16s
  • Over 16s
  • Isolated Area

Gliders or Sailplanes

Gliders take to the sky being towed either by a towplane or a winch, which is a powerful motor winding up a cable several hundreds of metres long. The cable is attached to the glider and pulls it up to the desired height or to the point above the winch. Upon reaching the required height, the glider pilot releases the cable and continues the flight.
Knowing how to control the aircraft is as important as having some familiarity with the basics of aerodynamics in order to understand the behaviour of the air that we are moving in.
In all types of gliding, prolonging the flight is only possible in air masses that rise at a rate faster than the sink rate of the glider. For instance, imagine a glider moving at 100 km/h and descending at a rate of one metre per second (1 m/s). If the pilot manages to position the glider in a current of air moving upward at 5 m/s for 60 seconds, he will have gained 240 metres of altitude, while covering a distance of almost 1,7 km.

On the day

We start with a brief explanation of the glider’s flight controls and functions, before moving on to the actual flight in a two-seater glider with an instructor.

Our glider will be towed up by a towplane. Upon releasing the tow line at the required altitude we will enjoy silent free flight, looking down like a bird on the beautiful countryside and directing the glider to the area of our choice.
While seated in the comfortable cabin and with the assistance of the instructor, we will be able to take control of the glider and do different manoeuvres.
The duration of the flight is about 25 minutes, depending on the weather conditions, plus around ten minutes of theory briefing on the ground.

Concept Type Cost
Introductory Glider Flight for one person Included 120€
1 night accommodation in a country hotel, per person sharing in a double room Optional 40€

The minimum age for participants is 14, with minors under 18 needing to be accompanied by an adult.

The maximum allowed height and weight for passengers is 1,9 metres and 110kg.

It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of aircraft or aerodynamics.

This activity may be cancelled due to extreme or unfavourable weather conditions that would endanger the participants. In case of any doubt please contact Spairience!


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